Latijns Amerika   

Duo Los Condores consisting of Annemiek Rutgers and Jeroen van Alst, are specialists in Latin American folk music. In recent years they traveled through Latin America with their instruments and have made several study trips. Their goal is to play music in an original way. Duo Los Condores played during radio performances in Ecuador and Bolivia. During performances, different rhythms they played such as cumbias, zamba's, cueca's, huayno's and more much. Both multi-instrumentalists studied at the Academy of the Arts 'The Lindenberg' in Nijmegen. Annemiek has spent her entire life with the guitar and other instruments were added later on. Jeroen is at an early age started to control the accordion. Later, he also learend to play other instruments. In 2003 Duo Los Condores arise. They are named after birds of prey from the Andes.


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